Smart Phone
  3.25" Flip Smartphone
  4.5" SmartPhone(VHF/UHF)
  5.5" Smartphone
  6" SmartPhone
Rugged Data Terminal
Mobile POS
All in one POS
TWINCOM INC. is a well-established manufacturer and exporter,
founded in 1991, studied and developed the New technology including
Rugged Smartphone, Rugged PDA, Rugged Tablet, and Mobile POS
from a strong engineers team, due to continuously improved the
technology and functionality, and invest more force to develop the
customers wanted functions. We got many hot inquiries and responses..
OEM or ODM business both wellcome.

There is a matter of perspective for TWINCOM, just everybody
knows TWINCOM’s products, everybody uses TWINCOM's
products.So new ideas,human factor and user friendly always
considering for new products developing. They are
not only registered
projecttoday’s customer needs but also
clever technology to solve each
needs and operation efficiency. 
In a word, your business. Is our“Success”


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